Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Since We Moved In

We have been living in the house for 5 months now, and have finally gotten around to doing a little decorating....also,  I wasn't happy with our master bedroom color so I repainted it.  We've had a chance to set up our guest room and threw our first party in the house....a goodbye party for our friends Chad and Ashley.  Here are a few pics.....

In April PJ built these bookshelves in our front room using iron plumbing pipe and birch plywood

This is what they look like finished

We are going to build identical ones on either side of the fireplace, but we just haven't gotten them done yet.

I added some wall decor to our entry way, with vintage family photos mixed in.

Our first party in the house....Chad's Birthday / Chad & Ashlee's going away party

We hung a pinata in the yard.....that was pretty fun!

Chad got his very own "I blame PJ" shirt.....(long story!)

The backyard and garage are still looking a bit rough, to say the least!  I added a couple raised beds made out of edgers I found in the garage.....every plant but the tomatoes died though!  Next year I will do more with the yard!

I added some empty frames to the living room walls.....

Inspiration for a Master Bedroom makeover

More inspiration for a master bedroom makeover

Loving how this person decorated 

I like the idea of putting an old frame around the flat screen tv

Inspiration for a backyard make over

Dogs are loving the house.....they make keeping it clean a challenge, however, especially in Summer when they shed!

The Dogs are enjoying their first bath in the clawfoot tub!!!

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This is the Guest Room / Front Bedroom.....I like how it turned out

Guest Room

This is what the color of the Master Bedroom walls.....I wasn't happy with it though....felt a bit dingy.  

I painted the armoire a pink color called Desert Rose!

I mixed some leftover paint from the kitchen, Library room and Guest room together to get this gray color for the walls of the Master Bedroom.....it turned out a bit darker than I anticipated but we already had the paint, so it was nice to put it to use.  

These are some paintings I made for the East wall of the master bedroom

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Before and After Photos!

There are lots more "After" Photos on our website....www.eclecticvictorian.com but here are some side by side before and after pics I put together.  Thanks to Jessica Hollon for taking the "after" photos for us on the day of our final inspection.

Exterior Before (left) After (right)
Front Living Room Before (Left) After (Right)
Kitchen Before (Left) After (Right) We removed a bathroom (which was on the right hand side of the Before picture) and opened up the kitchen to make it large enough for the island.
Middle Living Room looking toward the dining room and front living room Before (Left) After (Right)
Entryway looking into the house Before (Left) After (right)
Entryway looking towards the front door Before (Left) After (Right)
Front Living Room looking toward middle living room Before (Left) After (Right)

Front Bedroom on 2nd Level facing street Before (Left) After (Right)

Upstairs Main Bathroom Before (Left) After (Right)
Master Bedroom facing North side of lot Before (Left) After (Right)
Middle, South facing, Bedroom Before (Left) After (Right)
Middle, South facing, Bedroom Before (Left) After (Right)

Laundry Room off of the Master Bath Before (Left) After (Right)

4th Bedroom which we converted to a Master Bath Before (Left) After (Right) 

4th Bedroom which we converted to a Master Bath Before (Left) After (Right)