Monday, January 23, 2012

lots of updates!!!

Well its been a busy few weeks and we are putting in a lot of hours at the house trying to wrap up and actually move into this house at some point!

I will start with a few progression pics of the kitchen, and a sneak peak at my new rangetop (I'm very spoiled, and very excited to cook on it):
Bob centering pendant lights over the island

Kitchen is a mess and we don't even live there yet

Making a large hole through the wall for the hood

Breaking through 3 layers of brick

Colby looking tired after a long night of doing the tile backsplash

My favorite view!

Took 4 of us to carry in the range top

We've also been working on finishing the master bathroom:
Shower shelf

Used some extra granite from the kitchen to create this shelf

We had a local mill (Ellis Mill) match our trim and replicate some of our plinth blocks and rosettes:

Half bath off kitchen 
Bob, doing what he does best

Cody, our window guy wrapped up our windows:

Dave has been working on our stairs, and they are looking amazing:
From the attic down

and up!

Front staircase, missing some treads and risers

Our attic now is insulated and drywalled:

A look at why we are going through so much paint!:

One of the more controversial decisions I've made (Lydia was a fan of the green tile):

And to wrap it up, we look to the past to see the future of our front porch: