Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updates Updates Updates!

So PJ took vacation from his job in order to work on the house.  Now he's going to have to go back to work to get a vacation from the house! We're getting much closer to being done.  In fact we have to be done by Feb. 25th so the renovation loan can be all closed out.  Here are some progress pics.

PJ's hating life in this picture.  See that evil look he's giving me?

Loving the high gloss finish on the fir floor that we stained a walnut color.

This is from the end of Dec. but I thought I'd throw it in.

Grouting the master bath. 

Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? 

We're so thankful for the help of our friends.  This is Chad helping install new hardwood on the first floor.

Tyler getting the floor install party started!!!

We finally finished painting the outside of the house above the front porch where we had to have some masonry repairs done.

This is Mac.  He's 2 now.  He loves hanging out with his baby sitter, PJ!

Here's master craftsman Bob, installing our front door and new glass.

Bob's handy work on the front porch renovation!

Mac helping PJ install the water line for the fridge. 

I'm just having a good old time now aren't I?

2 year olds help adults put stress into perspective!!!