Sunday, May 26, 2013

The grass is slowly growing!

We planted grass seed about 1-2 weeks ago (for the second time!) and it's finally starting to slowly sprout.  Hoping the whole yard fills in.

Disaster Yard needs TLC

Pj and I are trying to make the yard look a little better. These first two photos show us trying to even out the huge lumps in the yard (from when we painted the house and drove on the lawn with the big boom lift) with dirt. We ended up having to plant two batches of grass seed because the first one never sprouted. The last three photos are of the junky backyard. There were a lot of pavers on the property so we put them to use and made a little patio.


Getting the 1950's J.G. Higgins cruiser ready for use!

More spring-ness

Flowers in the window, fresh asparagus and lettuce from pj's parent's farm. Can't get much better than that!

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My aunt Caroline sent me this great antique bottle that says "Lydia E. Pinkhams Medicine." I just love it! I put it in the kitchen window with some plants :)

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Photos from Winter

Now that Spring is here, I should probably post photos from Winter !
View East from front porch

View Southeast from front porch

Miserable Dakota on the right and true snow dog Shadow on the left!

Before we painted these walls black...

Entryway before
Entryway before
Middle Parlor.  Originally painted the wall green to match the flocked wallpaper on the other three walls that was there when we bought the house.  We wanted to keep the wallpaper.  The green wall just didn't "work" though.

The inspiration for the black walls...

The Hovey sisters' windowless loft in NYC pulls off this rich black color on the walls.  

Think natural history museum meets chesterfield sofa!

After we painted some walls black!

We were inspired by a black wall wall we found online and decided to paint a couple of our own black as well

Most don't like the ornate frames....I do!
Middle Parlor after the rich black was painted.  Looks much better I think.