Monday, October 31, 2011

The fence fell down, now the fence shall stand tall!

So, when we bought this house, the poor cedar fence had fallen over.  Plopped right on it's side.  Joint Problems (I can relate! Sad thing is, I think I can relate more to this dilapidated fence than I can to most people lately!) So, it's time to resurrect the poor thing.  Here are some "in-progress" pics....

Had to bust out the power tools to saw down some weed trees first!

View from the side-yard looking towards the street.

This is the side door off of the kitchen.  Hmmmm, no steps? no worries, there will be some there soon. 

This is PJ texting while digging fence post holes.  Hmmmmm.  

PJ loves when I ask him to pose for pictures!

Tah Dah! Fence is up.  Now Shadow and Dakota will have a fenced in yard! The yard kind of slopes to the right and it just MAKES it look like it's crooked, it isn't really crooked, okay?!  I think I shall stain the fence a dark brown color.  I think it shall be beautiful!  Good job PJ Gravis! you're my hero!

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  1. The color of this place... so good. And the fence looks great.