Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another week closer to finishing!

Today was a big day, it's not often you get to finalize your dream kitchen!  We signed the papers on our cabinets and they should be installed by Tuesday of next week!  Very exciting!!

It's also been another productive week at the house.

The electrician installed our chandelier in our future dining room:


We also started painting the dining room:

And we have been tiling the new master bathroom and laundry room:
Instead of backer board we used an adhesive mat.   Highly recommended!!

200 Sq Ft laid in less than an hour, and no screws!

While we have been toiling away upstairs, Bob finished the side porch, which looks great:

Still needs a railing, but that should happen soon

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  1. It looks great you guys! Love, love, love the tile! I am hoping we can celebrate Christmas there next year! :)