Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"It's not all sexy work" PJ Gravis - Attic demolition day

So on Sunday we decided to do some demolition in the attic to get it ready for the insulation to go in.  The attic, although at one point it was an apt., hasn't been used or lived in for years........except by pigeons and raccoons.  That's right folks pigeons and raccoons.  One might wonder how those critters got into the attic.  Well at one point there was probably a bad roof on the house and water damage caused the soffit and fascia to get damaged and eventually fall off, so basically the eaves of the attic have had big "spaces" along the perimeter that have been open to the outside.  Horrible for energy, great for homeless birds and coons.  So, after we put our masks on we went to work removing pigeon poo, drywall, tile, and pretty much a little of everything.  SICK! 

The view from the attic of the dumptruck that was positioned directly below the window so we could toss everything out!

Sick.  Just sick.

When in doubt, use a 16 gallon shop vac.

PJ had a large grin on his face as he swung the sledge hammer.  What a surprise!

More demo.  And dust.  Lots of dust. 

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