Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notes from Lydia

PJ may have been traumatized by painting our house.  The first thing he says when he wakes up in the morning is "no more painting, I hate painting, I can't do it anymore!"  He has paint all over him.  In his hair, on his elbows, legs, clothes.  He thinks he washes it all off in the shower but then he'll go out the door to work and I'll be like "do you realize you have paint all over the back of your arm?"  and then he says "stupid paint, I hate paint!"

The Eclectic Victorian has left her mark on my husband, and it's only month 1.  I have a feeling he won't want to touch a paint brush after this exterior painting is complete.  Which means......Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, I will be on my own painting the whole interior of the house.  That's okay....that falls into the "interior decor" category which is my favorite part.

So it's Sunday morning and we're off to the house.  Hopefully to wrap things up on the outside with the paint.  The weather will be cooling down soon, so I'm glad that we've almost got the outside done. We have three months left to finish this whole renovation project...our completion deadline is January 1st.   The plumbers have been in working all last week and they'll be back tomorrow to do a little trouble shooting. We've had so much help from friends and family that it'll take us 2 lifetimes to repay all the favors!  We need to get our kitchen cabinets ordered soon, but the cabinet shop won't do final measurements until we get more squared away in the kitchen, so I think that's probably going to be a priority this week.  Next on the list of jobs we're responsible for doing is tile in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.  I think PJ will like the tile work better!

Happy Sunday everyone,
Lydia :)

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