Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Starting to feel like a job site!

Its been a busy few days!

A lot of stuff happening at the house.  The concrete crew has been there all week getting ready for new sidewalks and another new porch on the back of the house.
Cutting out a piece of driveway that was crushed by the painting lift

Back Porch will get the same "cap" that the front one has

Frame for new side porch, and a landing pad for the stairs

New sidewalk

New sidewalk

More side porch views
Meanwhile, Bob has been working inside on getting drywall hung in the kitchen

Almost every sheet has a hole cut into it for lights or speakers. I'm sure that helped make it easier!

We also uncovered some cool stuff
A small piece of newspaper, dated 1955

Switch plate cover dated from 1903

The original brick color of our house
We've also done a bit of painting
Upstairs guest bath

Parting Shot
In the middle of all of the work, this kid is just relaxing in a dirty bathtub!

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